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Saturday, September 13, 2008Y

moved, not closed =D

please go here: zoes-tvb-bar.blogspot.com

please reply to my tags ther =]

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Sunday, September 7, 2008Y
random and graphics: tavia yeung network

click: express weekly - tavia in august issue 2

to celebrate tavia yeung network's official opening, i have made a tavia banner for myself to use as a signature in the forum. here it is:


what do you think? the new tavia english forum is once again created by jessica sis who was also the one who created myolie's english forum. thanks sis! it's really a great help for us overseas tavia fans to join together as a community to discuss about this talented actress because the other tavia forums are all in chinese. please do join the forum and spread it out to your friends! show your support towards tavia!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008Y
random videos: raymond talks about swimming with ha yu and moses

i recognise raymond's clothes and cap from episode 14 of 'moonlight resonance' when he was supposed to be having a bbq party with his family in 'moonlight resonance'. i remembered from that scene, ha yu wasn't supposed to be there, he was in his house using his phone to see raymond and his family have the party because he had stomach ache, so he couldn't go. i was surprised to see in the actual filming, ha yu was actually with them, not at his home in the drama.

translation of what they are saying...

raymond: i really like sunbathing, err... because i really like water activities. so... i was really happy yesterday i could have a chance to swim, i could have a race with jo飽 (ha yu).

*camera goes to ha yu*

ha yu: he is actually from a swimming team, he was lying to me so i don't know, making me...

*raymond interrupts*

raymond: what? lying to you? you didn't ask me anyway!
ha yu: ...

*moses comes in and interrupts*

moses: yesterday, when we were filming, fala suddenly saw something and patted me... i was like woah! what's happening? i thought there was a shark, it was actually him *points to raymond* diving in the water!
ha yu: haha! a monster in the water dived acrossed us.
moses: if i didn't tell you, you wouldn't know, hong kong's 水飛魚 (water fly fish) is him (raymond)!
ha yu: he (raymond) can be compared to alex fong, i bet on him (raymond)!

*raymond becomes shy and humble*

raymond: no... no...
moses: he (raymond) don't even have to go in the water, when i asked him to pretend to be a fish *pretends to have a fish mouth*, he (raymond) looked exactly like it.
ha yu: with one breath, he (raymond) can dive 25 meters! to and back, he's awesome!
raymond: no... no... no... you 'listen' to them... actually...

*ha yu interrupts*

ha yu: hey, don't be shy! have a race with alex fong!

raymond: actually...

*moses interrupts*

moses: yesterday he (raymond) acted really cool, he said 'come on! i will definately win you!'.
raymond: those were lines for the drama! don't listen to them!
ha yu: he was looking down on me as well...

*ha yu and moses laughs in the background*

raymond: those were lines for the drama! err... yeah, yesterday, 夏記 (ha yu) were also really good at swimming because when he jumped into the water, the pool's water went half full.
moses: this is a joke.

*they all laugh*

my thoughts: that was so cute! xD

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graphics: tavia set requested from chanel

tavia avatar for chanel 2

tavia banner for chanel

this is the tavia set chanel sis requested from me while she was chatting to me on msn, she said she loved the picture of tavia!

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Friday, September 5, 2008Y
magazine scans: tavia on express weekly august issue 2008

express weekly - tavia in august issue 2 express weekly - tavia in august issue 1 express weekly - tavia in august issue 3 express weekly - tavia in august issue 4 express weekly - tavia in august issue 5

my thoughts: the 'cover' of the article says it all! tavia is on her way stepping up into her acting career in tvb now and is getting recognised by more and more people. on the first page, it stated when tavia was in school, she cheated in her tests! wow! i never knew about that... naughty girl tavia! this showed even if you don't do as well in school, you can still have a good 'road' on your career in the future. look at what stage tavia is at now, her career is rising! and lovely photoshoots of tavia, really nice!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008Y
random: back to school 2008

back to school - myolie

today was my first day back in school since my summer holidays ended on sunday (i didn't have to go back monday or yesterday because there was teacher training and something else going on), i am missing it already! i am officially in year 11! it is form 5 if you convert it into hong kong secondary schools. this year of school is really important for me because i am having my gcse exams at the end of the year, they are big exams which are really important which almost determines your future! gcse stands for 'general certificate of secondary school'.

my new form teacher is mrs. welsh, this year was the first time i have had a new form teacher because for the past 4 years, i have always had the same form teacher who was mrs. thomas, she was so nice to us! i miss her... this year she is going to be having the year 7s, so my form was sent to have another form teacher.

and this year's subject teachers that i have got is as follows:

english - miss walters
maths - mrs. roberts-mills
science - miss richards, miss handsley
welsh - mrs. hopkins
religious studies - mrs. thomas
art - mrs. roach
graphics - mr. pettit
geography - miss morgan

argh! why mrs. roberts-mills again this year?! she really makes me have headaches because she gives so much pressure to you in class as well as homework, i dared not to fail my exams in maths last year, otherwise she'll go mad! i hope i can cope with her this year... and another year of miss morgan for geography? boring...

i also received back some of my exam results that i sat before the summer holidays, here are the grades i received back:

chinese - B
religious studies - A*
science - C
maths - fail

and here are the my results i received back from my mock exams:

english - (haven't receive back yet)
welsh - (haven't recieve back yet)
art - A
graphics - A
geography - B

i failed in my maths module exam, i have been so upset about it because i spent hours revising for the exam and now i failed it. some of my friends didn't even revise and they passed? how can this happen to them? it is so unfair! i had 129 out of 179 marks, we can only get an A or a B in this test, if you had lower than that, you'll get a U, which is a fail. to get the B, you had to at least have 140 marks, argh! if we were allowed to get a C, i could have passed! i was only 11 marks away from a B! i am so annoyed! but i am so happy there is something called resit, i can resit the exam in january next year, i must do my best!

i hope i will do well in this year of school-ing and i will try my best on everything! please may God bless me.


ok, since it's my back to school day today for me, i will answer a sort of quiz related to school. i found the quiz from raymond's english forum, someone posted it up. i am doing the quiz based on since i went to primary school up till my past year in school in year 10 (form 5), i am in year 11 (form 5) this year. here goes:

[x]gotten detention.
[ ]gotten your phone taken away in class.
[ ]gotten suspended.
[ ]gotten caught chewing gum.
[ ]gotten caught cheating on a test.

total so far: 1

[x]arrived late to class more than 5 times.
[x]didn’t do homework over 5 times.
[ ]turned at least 3 projects in late.
[x]missed school cause you just didn't feel like going.
[ ]laughed so loud you got kicked out of class.

total so far: 4

[ ]got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of school.
[x]texted people during class.
[x]passed notes.
[x]threw stuff across the room.
[x]laughed at the teacher.

total so far: 8

[ ]pulled down the fire alarm.
[x]went on myspace, facebook
[ ]took pictures during school hours.
[ ]called someone during school hours.
[ ]listened to an iPod, cd, etc. during class.

total so far: 9

[ ]threw something at the teacher.
[x]went outside the classroom without permission.
[ ]broke the dress code.
[ ]failed a class.
[x]ate food during class.

total so far: 11

[ ]gotten a call from school.
[ ]couldn’t go on a field trip cause you behaved badly.
[x]didn’t take your stuff to school.
[ ]gotten a detention and didn't go.
[ ]stuck up your middle finger at a teacher when they were not looking.
[ ]cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear.

total so far: 12

[x]faked your parents' signature.
[ ]slept in class.
[ ]cursed at a teacher to their face.
[x]copied homework.

total: 14
multiply by 3
= 42%

i think i am a good student overall! xD

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Monday, September 1, 2008Y
personal blogging: gifts chanel bought for me while she was in hong kong

blogging about: 1st september 2008

cute 2 i woke up and from my post, i received chanel sis' gift and tvb stars photos she bought for me while she was in hong kong. she also went to tavia and ron's joint birthday party, i am so jealous she can meet tavia... hehe! from listening to chanel, she said tavia was really nice and even asked her to continue study hard on her studies. chanel also sent me the birthday gathering photos of tavia when she was there, tavia looks so pretty! and of course, not to forget the lovely bracelet and the tvb stars photos she got for me. they are all of my favourites, they included fung (raymond), tavia, myolie and linda. thank you so much chanel sis! love you!

ok, well... i went grocery shopping today at 'asda', 'tesco' and 'lidl' with my parents today and i got a denim vest jacket from 'george' (it's a brand) at 'asda'. i think it'll be great for layering clothes and will match nicely with most of the clothes i have got now. look at tavia and linda wearing one too in the pictures below:

tavia vest jacket 2 tavia vest jacket 1

linda vest jacket 1 linda vest jacket 2

and here's mine:

my vest jacket 1 my vest jacket 2

these are the awesome stuff chanel sent me:

a lovely bracelet!

cimg5693 cimg5692 cimg5689 cimg5690 cimg5691
awesome tvb stars photos, love fung! <3

cimg5694 cimg5695 cimg5696
photos of tavia in her joint birthday gathering photos with ron.

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