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Sunday, August 31, 2008Y
new album release: linda chung - one person dinner, two people world

linda - one person dinner, two people world 1

linda - one person dinner, two people world 2

linda's debut album was released on 20th this month, this is linda's first album, its feedback really does determine if she can continue on with her singing career or not. some singers, after their first album release, feedback wasn't good and their career is totally ruined. there have been a lot of hype for this album release straight after when online news were released saying some tvb artistes have a chance for their own album release, this also included myolie and linda. however, linda took over myolie a huge step. why is that? because myolie is still not at the stage of recording her debut album yet according to some tvb news released online a few days ago, myolie only replied she'll be recording soon. tvb surely is trying to promote linda as much as they can after tvb's 2007 hit drama which linda took part in: 'heart of greed', her well known character, 'sheung joi sum' left a deep impression to the audience which boosted up her popularity to a higher level which also helped her to gained new fans and to reduce her haters.

here is the playlist/tracklist of the songs included in the album:

01 一人晚餐
02 二人世界
03 我不懂你
04 火柴天堂
05 過山車
06 其實我不快樂
07 浪漫無聲
08 有沒有她
09 你不懂我的心 (國語)
10 我不快樂 (國語)

here's my attempt of english translation of the playlist/tracklist of the songs:

01 one person dinner
02 two people world
03 i don't know you
04 matchstick heaven
05 roller coaster
06 actually, i am not happy
07 romantic no sound
08 is there her?
09 you don't know my heart (mandarin)
10 i am not happy (mandarin)

what do you think of the cover of the album? i prefer the special version with linda's hair down in light curls, she looks so pretty in there and her impression just gives off a feeling of being in love, i also love the white, showing linda's young and innocent side. i personally have high hopes for this album as well because i admit i also became a fan of linda's after watching 'heart of greed'. her voice does have a little bit of 'chicken', but it is unlike charmaine's because i think that linda brings out a bit of pureness to hers and i personally think it is very soothing to hear, you can just almost close your eyes to 'feel' her voice. i hope this album will be a great start for linda's singing career. good luck linda!

linda 1linda 2linda 3linda 4linda 5

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Saturday, August 30, 2008Y
idols' birthday: tavia yeung and niki chow

tavia 2008

niki 2008

happy 29th birthday to both tavia and niki both born on the same day!

ends at 12:22 PM

Friday, August 29, 2008Y
new layout: relaxing

hello people! i am sure you'll see a new layout change if you are here now, the theme this time is 'kawaii' meaning cute. :) i just want to change the layout before i go back to school, i think i will update less often than i do now as soon as i go back so i will change the layout just before i go back to school. hope you like it!

i was planning to finish using these icons below for my 'personal blogging' posts, but i really wanted to change the layout, so i couldn't finish using them, i just want to post them up for you all to see. by the way, they are not made by me... you can find them here.

sushi 2 sushi 3 sushi 4 sushi 5 sushi 6 cherry blossom 1 cherry blossom 2

ends at 8:14 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2008Y
dreams: raymond lam


i finally managed to have a dream about raymond last night! i finally did! i have been waiting for that moment for so long... here goes the story...

i was at work experience for a week just before the summer holidays in hong kong. out of breath, i finally managed to find my destination which was a building of office which does advertising business. i popped inside the building with a sense of fear in my heart until i stopped infront of the reception desk. i told the lady sitting at the desk that i came for work experience, she asked me to sit and wait for a second while she goes off to find the manager. i couldn't do anything else other than to wait and see what happens. a lady around 5'4" height came out and she greeted me, i greeted her back of course... i don't have a clue who she was until she told me she is the manager of the advertising department. she then showed me around the different areas of the buildings, how the department works and told me any other information i needed for the week.

she told me she'll ask someone to look after me for the week, she then went off to get him... i was amazed! out came raymond (with his look from 'the drive of life') and i was just shocked when the manager told me he's going to look after me for the week. i told myself i must treasure this week. straight away, at the first sight i saw him, i recognised he was raymond and i had feelings for him... but i knew for him to have a liking towards me was a super slim chance, so i kept quiet and followed the instructions of the work he asked to do and i tried my best on the work to try to impress him. his face was so charming, it was like as if i was having illusions. during work experience, i became best friends with fala (with her look from 'moonlight resonance') because she was one of the OLs there... yes, fala was in my dream too, but raymond was the main theme of this dream. we always have lunch together, i remembered from the dream we had buffet lunch! yum... haha!

i travel to work experience and back home everyday on the train and as the week passed by... on the very last day when i was going to the train station to catch the train home, i realized i went up to the wrong platform, i was standing at platform 4 which the train goes to somewhere else. i then went back down the stairs and walked back to platform 3 which was the platform i was looking for, i quickly ran up to platform 3 because the train was arriving already and there i saw raymond again, i thought to myself... is it because God is giving me a chance to tell him my feelings for him, so i quickly ran up to raymond. he was near the front of the train and i saw him getting onto the train i am going to get on, at this moment, somehow i saw moses, tavia, charmaine and myolie too getting onto the same train as me. however, it was only for a few seconds and they disappeared except myolie (with her glasses look from 'the drive of life'), she walked towards raymond and they started talking and i also walked up to raymond to say hi. i wanted to tell him my feelings, but myolie was there... (this was the first time i have ever hated myolie in my dreams because she was getting into my way... lol) so at the end i couldn't confess to him and i never saw raymond again after the work experience. sad...

my thoughts: i think i am having a dream based on work experience because i actually did go on work experience around 6 weeks ago, just before the summer holidays started. i think raymond is in my dream because i have been so obsessed with him ever since 'moonlight resonance' started and i have been thinking about him to try to get myself to have a dream with him in it. as for fala, moses and tavia, i think it is because 'moonlight resonance' is currently airing and i have been watching it a lot and being obsessed with it also, i was so happy fala was my best friend in the dream because she is my favourite female character in 'moonlight resonace'. but why was charmaine and myolie also in my dream? i have no clue... i have had other dreams of tvb stars in the past, i remember i posted them up onto forums before, i'll try to find them and post them up on my blog. i love to read my past dreams, when you actually read them, it's like an illusioned diary.

ends at 3:52 PM

Tuesday, August 26, 2008Y
graphics: gifts for my online friends

below is a little something for some of my close online friends, i want to thank them for visiting my blog and taking their time to read. i even made some new friends such as lavendar bluez and annisa, as for chanel, sugar and jessica... i have known them for quite a while now, they still chat to me quite a lot. love you loads! please tag at the tagboard telling me you've seen and received your gift. :) i hope you all like tavia... haha!

for lavendar bluez

for chanel

for sugar

for jessica

for annisa

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Sunday, August 24, 2008Y
fashion & style: kate in 'moonlight resonance'


kate kate have shoulder length straight hair with a small touch of light brown running down to each of her face from her middle parting. her hairstyle in the drama is extremely similar to linda's, but it's just linda's is longer and darker than kate's. like i already said in linda's 'fashion and style' post, i don't like middle partings and if the length of the hair is short and with a middle parting, i'll just absolutely hate it! if i had to choose between kate or linda's hairstyle in the drama, i'll definately have chosen linda's, no doubt. yeah... i admit i don't like middle partings, but linda's face structure is all equally balanced, she looks way more interesting to have a middle parting than kate's face because in my own opinion, i actually don't think kate looks that pretty and if she add that hairstyle of hers in the drama on herself, she'll just look really bad. i would have preferred the hairstyle of hers in 'speech of silence', that hairstyle bought her face out nicely and even made her look prettier. i think kate doesn't suit short hairstyles because she have got plumped lips, if she have a short hairstyle, it'll just make her lips even fuller, but the long hairstyle she had in 'speech of silence' 'balanced' her face.

casual wear

kate 7 white blouse matched with a red buttoned up jacket paired with black trousers. are you going to work kate? this whole outfit just looks too formal, looks like kate is going to work, i don't like this whole overall look.

kate 10 kate 11 kate 12 a graffiti dark blue vest top matched with light blue knee length shorts and a 'dog tag' pendant necklace. hmm... i don't like the colour combination here, looks too boyish and dull, kate should choose colours that are more 'happy' and bright such as pink, white and yellow for colour combination. if i was her, i will choose a pink vest top matched with white shorts instead. i like her necklace though, can be matched easily with almost any outfit.

kate 13 kate 14 i think kate is wearing a light blue tube top, it might be a dress, i don't know, but i will go for a top. she added a gold chain pendant necklace for accessories, but if i was kate, i will choose a long white chunky necklace instead to bring out her image more fresh and young.

kate 16 a simple white v neck strap flowy dress with a bow between the v, accessorised with a long black and silver chunky chain necklace. this outfit looks very pure and simple, it shows out the feminine side of girls, i love the whiteness! if i was kate, i agree with her, i would have also chosen a long necklace, but i would have chosen a different style because i don't like the silver chain bits on the necklace she have now.

formal dress wear

kate 8 kate 9 kate 17 a creamy-orange strapless tube formal dress with a ribbon around the waist and a matching bow on the front of the waist. there is ruffles creating a layered effect on the front of the dress above the ribbon. i like this dress' style, i think it's very creative and unique in its own way, very different to the usual formal dresses. however, one thing i don't like about it is the colour, i think dark purple will look better than creamy-orange.

traditional wear

kate 1 kate 2 kate 3 kate 4 kate 5 kate 15 kate in a traditional chinese wedding dress. kate looks quite good wearing the dress because she does have the mature look. girls who have the young look will not suit the dress in my own opinion, for example, fala.

wedding dress

kate 6 kate in a wedding dress?! err... well, she'll actually look quite good in it if her hair was left down instead of being tied up to the back, the hair tiara will have an effect of turning kate into a 'princess' if she left her hair down. her glittery and shiny silver jewelry all looks very good on her.

ends at 6:27 PM

Saturday, August 23, 2008Y
new tvb drama: 'your class or mine'

your class or mine

english title: your class or mine
chinese title: 尖子攻略
cantonese title: jim ji gung leuk
casts: bobby au yeung, sheren tang, benz hui, derek kwok, mimi lo, oscar leung, vincent wong, etc.
episodes: 20
release date: august 2008

it's the battle of the sexes on the football field.
can a woman become a better coach than a man?

pang kam chau (bobby au yeung) used to sell parallel imports but his girlfriend has taken away everything from him. In order to reestablish his career, chau plays tricks to gain the trust of a soccer team leader fan tai wai (benz hui). through the help of wai, chau becomes the operation director of the soccer team and he promises to help all team players achieve excellent results in the coming public examinations. chau teaches the team players in an unconventional way. he encourages them to hang around at pubs and chase girls actively but the result is disastrous. ching kwok chu (derek kwok), the soccer team’s sponsor, tries to hire the famous tutorial queen yim ka lai (sheren tang) to help in coaching the team. lai’s teaching style is totally different from chau and they fight with each other all the time.

the academic performance of the team varies a lot but chau discovers that wai’s son fan pui tung (law chung him) has plenty of potential so he pays special attention to him. during the time, chu’s younger brother suddenly takes away the ownership of the soccer team. chu tries to take revenge by asking lai to make the soccer team into a mess. chau is enraged and he discloses the secret relationship between chu and lai to everybody. all of a sudden, lai’s splendid tutorial career is coming to an end.

ends at 7:17 PM

Friday, August 22, 2008Y
idols' birthdays: keiko kitagawa

keiko 2008

it's keiko's 22nd birthday today, still so young because she entered the filming industry early (she was only around 16 or 17 when she filmed her first drama). i wish keiko a happy birthday and good health throughout the year! :)

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008Y
functions: happy family gala 2008

happy family gala 2008 1happy family gala 2008 2

happy family gala 2008 (united kingdom)

list of events:
hong kong tvb stars singing and dancing
strictly come dancing competition
eat at the special street filled with hong kong food
play games and win prizes
fill with lots of different activities
hong kong tvb stars autograph session

special guests: micheal tse, fala chen

date: 24th, august 2008
time: 12.00pm - 5.00pm
location: ncr car park, brent cross shopping centre, london nw4 3fp

date: 26th, august 2008
time: 12.00pm - 5.00pm
location: see woo supermarket, 29 saracen street, hamilton hill, glasgow g22 5ht

my comments: ohh! fala is coming here! i am so excited! i think there is going to be quite a lot of people going because 'moonlight resonance' is currently airing, so fala is quite the 'hot topic' right now and you can get her autograph too. i wish i can go, but the functions is either in london or in glasgow, it'll take me too long to get there because i live in wales, it'll probably take me around 3 hours to get there. hmm... the tvb stars special guests this time doesn't amuse me that much anyway except fala, why does micheal have to come too? i don't like him! i would have preferred raymond to come, but he's in toronto this week, so he can't come. anyone going?

ends at 2:25 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008Y
personal blogging: my 15th birthday!


blogging about: 18th august 2008 (my 15th birthday!) presents

sushi 1 i woke up and i thought, it's my 15th birthday today! haha... the first thing i did was to turn on my computer and log into my msn account because i promised chanel (my internet friend i have known for 3 years already from tvbsquare) to say good-bye to her before she goes to hong kong for around 10 days for holiday, why does she have to leave on my birthday? i miss her! i was surprised to see joyce (another member i have known for quite a while now from tvbsquare) left me offline messages wishing me happy birthday, i haven't spoken to her for a long time and she still remembers my birthday, thanks joyce!

after that, i went out with my parents to go food shopping at 'home bargains', 'tesco' and 'lidl', my mum said i can choose a bouquet of flowers in 'tesco' because it's my birthday! so i chose a small bouquet of mixed white and pink flowers, girly yeah? haha... when i got home, i put them in a vase and left them on the dining table for decoration for dinner tonight so it looked like it was my birthday, making the living room look more festive. when we got home from shopping, it was around 4.30pm and i promise chanel at 5.00pm to say the last good-bye to her before she gets on her 6.20pm plane to hong kong, she texted back saying: "hi. yup at the airport. thanks. have a great bday too." oh i was so glad she got my text and texted me back, she even wished me a happy birthday, although she said it many times already, haha... happy

i had my 'birthday dinner' around 6.15pm. my favourite was beijing sliced duck (i think that's what you call it), do you know what they are? well, it's like you get this thin piece of circle shaped pastry thing with no taste in it, then add on hoisin sauce to it, small slices of vegetables (i put in cucumber), small slices of duck and then roll it up like a kebab and eat! we also had spring onion and ginger crabs and some other vegetables stuff. mmm... i love crabs! my dad was drinking red wine, haha... but i was drinking a carton of vita brand chrysanthemum tea drink also known as 菊花茶 (kuk fa cha) in hong kong (you'll know if you're from hong kong, you can buy them in yellow cartons, they look really similar to the lemon tea carton drinks because they are both vita brands). well yes, that was my day! below are my birthday stuff...

15th birthday stuff
my birthday stuff! there are cards (from chanel and my school friends), a jewelry set chanel sent me all the way from london and the red packets my parents gave me. i'll type up what the cards say inside...

(purple card) from chanel:

to: zoe,

happy 15th birthday!
hope you'll like the bday present.
& have a great summer!
also good luck with your gcses next year, add oil!!!

lots of love,

(white card) from katherine:

to zoe

happy birthday
i'm so glad we are friends!
have a good day on your special day.

love from

(silver card) from rosie:

to zoe

happy birthday!

love rosie

(pink card) from abbie:


happy birthday
have a lovely day! :)

love from

and here is the lovely mv chanel made for me online, i was so touched! she even put doraemon in because she knows he's my favourite anime character. i know she's in hong kong now, enjoying herself, hope she gets to meet her favourite tvb stars while she's there! thanks again chanel!

ends at 1:33 PM

Sunday, August 17, 2008Y
favourite drama scenes: episode 11 of 'moonlight resonance' part (ii)


the scene started with vincent sitting in the park on his own being really depressed because susanna shouted at him in the house saying he doesn't know any chinese or english. because of this, vincent's brothers and sisters, who are moses, raymond, tavia and fala decided to go out to search for him because they're really worried about him and where he have gone to. and when they finally found him...

favourite scene 4

*tavia to vincent*

tavia: 中仔 (vincent)!
moses: there he is! there he is!
tavia: 中仔 (vincent), why are you crying?

*moses to vincent*

moses: what's the matter?
vincent: leave me alone!

*vincent walks away*
*moses, raymond, tavia and fala ran after him*
*raymond and tavia call after him*

raymond: 中仔 (vincent), what's the matter?
tavia: what's the matter?
vincent: nothing!

*moses to vincent*

moses: who offended you?
vincent: no one offended me, sa姨 (susanna) is right, who wouldn't know english and chinese? if i am not 文盲, then what am i?
tavia: how are you? you were forced to go to great britain when you were only nine years old, you can't be 'contacted' with any chinese writing or speaking there. 紅姨 (michelle) never cared about you, she always left you in chinatown to hang out with those hong kong boys, what's good about that? you can't even speak more than 5 sentences of english each day there!

*vincent walks away again*
*moses, raymond, tavia and fala ran after him again*
*raymond and tavia call after him again*

raymond: right, you didn't try you best in your studies was your fault, but don't the grown-ups have their faults too? does jo飽 (ha yu) dare to say he don't have his fault? you can start over again!

*moses to vincent*

moses: let me tell you something, 凡事唔使驚,荷媽系大廳. that 攞婆 (literal translation: take woman) is always like that anyway, just ignore her.
vincent: who's 攞婆 (take woman)?
moses: sa姨 (susanna) is that 攞婆 (take woman), she takes money, takes advantage, takes others' 'advantages', takes 'fame' and takes others to bully. if she's not 攞婆 (take woman), then who else is it? there's no need to be ashamed of being 文盲, us four siblings come from 'many different places', we've all got our own 'specialties'! let me introduce you to our band members!

*rap music starts playing in the background*
*moses, raymond, tavia and fala act and dances like rappers*

moses: nice and hot, 攞女 (take girl)!

*tavia steps forward and dances like rappers*

vincent: what is 攞女 (take girl)?

*tavia to vincent*

tavia: boys who got taken home for adoption is called 攞仔 (take boy) and girls who got taken home for adoption is called 攞女 (take girl).

*tavia steps back and continue to dance and act like rappers*

moses: and here's the a-little-bit-confused 餅仔 (pastry boy)!

*raymond steps forward and dances like rappers*

raymond: yo! yes, i am 餅碎 (pastry crust)! yo!

*raymond steps back and continue to dance and act like rappers*

favourite scene 5

moses: and here's the girl who takes charge of the sign language department, 啞女 (mute girl)!

*fala steps forward and dances like rappers then she steps back and continue to dance and act like rappers*

moses: and there's me lastly, the druggy, also known as 揸沽! oh man... this is tiring, can you let me 揸沽? only once more?

*tavia laughing to moses*

tavia: enough, enough 揸沽!

favourite scene 6

*tavia to vincent*

tavia: now 中仔 (vincent), don't think too much now, look what we bought for you.

moses, raymond and fala: tada!

*these delivery men bring in a canoe*
*tavia to vincent*

tavia: do you like it? you have to practice well and get a gold medal back for 荷媽 (louise) and make her happy because she's having her operation soon.

*fala to vincent*

fala: do your best!

*moses to vincent*

moses: practice well!

my thoughts: i love this scene because it includes how the siblings care for each other in the drama, moses, raymond, tavia and fala all came out to search for vincent and comforted him. and also, how can i not mention the rap? i love moses introducing his 'band members', haha... he always create the funny atmosphere so the drama doesn't go so boring all the time with the family problems and conflicts. ray was so cute when he tried to do that flip thing on the floor and his 'yo!' was so cool, haha... go raymond!

ends at 11:29 PM